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About Us

Washington Disc Golf Company started with two people who love working with kids. We are Brian and Alicia and we have been working with youth most of our adult lives. Alicia has a bachelor's degree in early childhood education. She uses her education everyday whether she is working at the preschool, or nannying for a lovely family. Brian has a bachelor's degree in social work and has worked with youth in several capacities. Everything from sports counselor, after school programs, non profit work with special needs kids, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and taught health class in Detroit Public Schools.

How we got started 

We moved to D.C. from Michigan a few years ago after graduating from college. We were shocked to find that there is virtually no knowledge of the sport of disc golf in this city. We realized that there isn't a single course in D.C. even though there are a ton close by in Maryland and Virginia. We have been involved with disc golf for nearly a decade and it is a crucial part of our lives. Getting out into the woods and focusing on the single task of getting the disc into the basket has always been extremely therapeutic for us. We realized that introducing kids to the sport and combining our passions for disc golf and working with youth is an incredible opportunity. We believe that introducing youth to disc golf will have an enormous positive impact on them.

What makes us unique? 

Disc golf can be played in groups or alone, which gives you multiple ways to enjoy our curriculum. You only have time available on a Tuesday afternoon? We come to you with all the necessary equipment to a park near your house and set up a lesson right there. You have a daughter and son that both want to spend time outside of the house? We can take them both because disc golf is an equally opportunity sport that allows all ages and genders to play! It’s your turn to host a playdate and have nothing fun planned? We can take up to 10 kids at a time and teach them a sport that provides many valuable life skills. No matter what your situation, WDGC offers a truly unique sports experience that is both flexible and fun!


Values and Beliefs 

- Time in nature is time well spent.

- Giving the kids a chance to slow down and practice mindfulness.

- Constant improvement: Players will continue to improve on and off the disc golf course.

- Diversity and Inclusiveness: Every person is accepted on the disc golf course.

- Passion: We are passionate about working with you and growing the sport! 

- Integrity: Players are their own referee and this builds integrity. 

- Accountability: Players learn to accept responsibility for their actions on and off the course.

- Fun: We value fun! Disc golf is one of the funniest sports to play.