Benefits of 

Disc Golf 

Life Skills 

Self Confidence 

Disc golf is an easy game to learn but a hard one to master. With consistent play, you will find yourself getting better and better. As you progress you will become more confident in your skills on the disc golf course. This will lead to better overall scores and more confidence in your day to day life. 

Problem Solving 

“Golf is played mainly on a five and a half inch course, the space between your ears.” The same is true of disc golf. Most people are doomed on a hole before they even throw because of wrong disc selection or the wrong throwing style. You are constantly having to adapt and evolve on the disc golf course. Every single shot has multiple ways to play it and picking the shot with highest probability is a crucial part of the game.

Self Control

Disc golf teaches you self control because the goal is to get the lowest score possible. You can’t run the chains on every shot because you will blow by the basket leaving a long shot coming back. On wooded courses accuracy is more important than power. Keeping yourself in the fairway is more important than an extra 50 feet on your drive. Good disc golfers master self control on the course, which leads to better scores.