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Our Services 

Intro to Disc Golf

This is a two-hour one-time lesson that gives your child an idea of what disc golf is all about. This is for parents that don’t want to fully commit to our 5-lesson program without first seeing if their child likes the sport. The first hour is a condensed clinic that goes over the basics of putting, approaching, and types of throwing styles. The second hour is a practice round where kids will get to play an actual round of disc golf and see if they like it. By the end of the lesson your child will know if they want to pursue the sport! 


Private Lesson 

Private lessons provide one on one instruction for your child. Lessons are taught at local courses or a park near you depending on the situation. Private lessons are great for kids who want instruction in a more focused environment. These lessons are personally tuned to their needs. We bring all the necessary equipment, so all you need to do is show up! 

Disc Golf 101

Disc golf 101 teaches our curriculum which is made up of 5 lessons and is a complete introduction into the sport. We teach safety, etiquette, general rules, and all the major facets of the game. Our curriculum consists of drills, clinics, and games that allow the kids to learn the sport in a fun way! Lessons are taught at local courses or a park near you, which is dependent on the situation. We bring all the necessary equipment, so all you need to do is show up! Our group lessons consist of 8 kids maximum and they start at the beginning of the month. We also offer 1 on 1 private lessons if that's more your style. 

Disc Golf 201

This program is for more experienced players who have gone through our program and want to continue the fun. We build on everything you’ve learned in our core curriculum and take a deeper dive into the major facets of the game. Disc golf 201 is extremely flexible so we can meet the needs of what the player wants to accomplish. This can be clinics, drills, games, or going to the course and playing a round. This lets players pick and choose exactly how they want to practice the sport. 


Disc Golf Daycamp

This is a 2 hour program that lets players get acquainted with the sport of disc golf. A clinic is done at the beginning of the lesson, which teaches a certain skill in disc golf. The next hour and half will be fun games that build on what the player has just learned. Players can win prizes and it's overall just a ton of fun. This is great for a new player who wants to see if they like disc golf, and for experienced players who want to work on their skills and have fun. 


This is for kids who have gone through the program and want to continue to learn and play the sport. They will be once a week and will take place at local courses. There are two different divisions, and kids are put in the division that best fits their skillset. There is a point system that is tracked week to week and we will crown winners at the end of the year.